• MU SDCC set hits ebay??

      SDCC ...MU set maybe hits ebay.... hmmmm

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      1. Apocalypse's Avatar
        Apocalypse -
        Kind of stupid set, I bet it'll cost a lot...
      1. CaptainScottMurdock's Avatar
        CaptainScottMurdock -
        I like it! No recycled characters and the 3 animals (including Howard) are new sculpts! It'll come in nifty packaging too, I bet.
      1. ukmu's Avatar
        ukmu -
        Love it! Old skool articulation on a great character and another member to our growing Inhumans! I'm calling it- Crystal will be announced at the panel for our scale. Got me a feeling- think they want to make use out of the new (read crappy) female buck....anyway, I'm happy with this years set. At least it isn't a 6" set marketed as a 3.75" set like last year.
      1. shayne907's Avatar
        shayne907 -
        I'm a little underwhelmed by this. I'm not interested in any of the characters, although I know many of my fellow collectors are. Makes me a little irritated that the 6" scale is getting six full figures in its set, five of which are new figures.
      1. VENOMDUDE2003's Avatar
        VENOMDUDE2003 -
        Pretty neat Lockjaw, Moonboy, and Collector. Wish they would sell Moonboy seperate.
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